Lawyers for Traffic Accidents Malaga, Nerja and Torremolinos

Traffic accidents can lead to both material damage and personal injury.

  • Material damages are those suffered by the vehicle or the objects transported in it when the accident occurred.
  • Personal injuries are those suffered by those involved in the accident, be it the driver, the passenger or the pedestrian. These injuries can lead to injury, disability, handicap, or even death.

In such cases, the victim will be entitled to financial compensation depending on the type and extent of the damage / injuries.

If after a traffic accident if you believe you are entitled to compensation, we would suggest that you get a professional opinion. Don’t forget that your insurance policy may cover Legal Assistance, which would allow you appoint a lawyer.

At Asesoría Domínguez Hoz, there is a team of specialist lawyers at your disposal, separate from any insurance company; who have your best interests at heart to try to collect the highest compensation.

They will try to reach an out-of-court settlement with the insurer in order to avoid costs of the process.

In the event that it is not possible to reach an out-of-court settlement, they will resort to the civil or criminal order.

If the evidence is constituent of crimes or faults, a formal complaint should be filed within 6 months, it is during that time that the amount of the compensation would be determined.

We are committed to study the feasibility of the case free of charge before taking any legal action.

We seek customer loyalty through a personalized and efficient service and encourage you to arrange a meeting with our lawyers specialized in this matter. In the majority of cases, our fees are paid at the end once you receive your compensation and will be at the rate of a percentage of the amount received.

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