Do you have any doubts about how to make your will?

A Last Will and Testament is a document by virtue of which we record our last will, distributing our assets and rights, the result of our personal effort, to those of our choosing.

In order for a will to be valid, we must comply with a series of requirements stipulated by the Civil Code, otherwise it will be declared null and void and our will cannot be fulfilled.

As for the content, it can be as varied and as broad as our will and wishes for after death, including all those conditions and limitations that may be necessary, as long as the limits and legal prohibitions are respected.

However, when a will is not present, the succession is carried out according to the regulations established in the Civil Code, giving rise to unwanted situations by the deceased.

The drafting of a will is not mandatory but it is recommended as we can avoid potential beneficiaries, unnecessary paperwork and expenses. An example of this is, when a will is present it is not necessary to carry out the so-called “declaration of heirs” which is up to three times more expensive than writing a will.

The testament is not an expensive process and can be done at any time of our life, however any legal professional will recommend that you do so in the event that you have children, are married, have properties, etc.

It is important to be advised by professionals who have your interests at heart, and Asesoría Domínguez Hoz puts at your disposal a team of lawyers specialized in Succession Law, these professionals will advise you and keep the wishes and the will of the testator present in order to carry it out through the legal channels.

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