Lawyers for Occupational Accidents Malaga, Nerja and Torremolinos

Any injuries suffered by the worker directly or as a result of work performed by another.

It´s presumed, unless proven otherwise, that injuries suffered by the worker during the time and place of work are constitutive of a work accident.

Asesoría Domínguez Hoz has a team of lawyers with extensive experience in claiming compensation for damages suffered in a work accident.

Our professionals work separately from any insurance company and they have your best interests at heart to try to collect the highest compensation. For this we have experts and collaborating forensic doctors, specialized in assessing corporal damage.

We advise the victims not to accept any compensation that the company might offer them until they have been advised by a lawyer, as there are many further aspects that must be taken into account such as:

  • If there has been a lack of Prevention of Occupational Risks.
  • If the worker was duly informed of the security measures to be followed.
  • Insurance that the company has contracted in this regard.
  • The insurance that the Collective Agreement to which the worker belongs may have.
  • If the worker was performing improper tasks at the workplace.

In addition, depending on the client’s circumstances, we can apply for a partial, total or absolute disability pension, the amount of which will vary according to the degree of disability and years of contribution.

If the work accident has resulted in the death of the worker, the corresponding compensatory financial benefit may be claimed by his/her family.

We are committed to study the feasibility of the case free of charge before taking any legal action.

We seek customer loyalty through a personalized and efficient service and encourage you to arrange a meeting with our lawyers specialized in this matter. In the majority of cases, our fees are paid at the end once you receive your compensation and will be at the rate of a percentage of the amount received.

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