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Succession Law is the part of private law that regulates the legal situation resulting from the death of a person.

And that includes, among others, the following subjects:

  • Will
  • Impugnation of Wills
  • Right of Heirs
  • Legitimates
  • The improvement of the inheritance
  • The rights of the widowed spouse
  • Donations
  • Disinheritance

When a person dies, their assets and if they have them, their debts, pass to the heirs that their last testament indicates or in its´ absence, the law. This does not happen automatically and it is necessary to carry out a series of procedures to determine who the heirs are.

In relation to the rights to the succession of a person, article 657 of the Civil Code establishes that these are transmitted from the moment of his death; and, on the other hand, it is article 658 of the same legal body that establishes that the succession is carried out according to the wishes in the Last Will and Testament, in the case of not having said testament, by disposition of the Law.

We can distinguish between testamentary succession, which is when the succession is made according to the will of the manifested person and by legitimate succession, which is when there is no testament, and therefore, the succession is given by provision of the Law.

An inheritance includes not only all the assets and rights but also the obligations of a person, as long as both one and the other are not extinguished by their death.

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