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Do you need a quick solution to your divorce? Call us and we will help. This is the action whereby, at the request of both spouses by mutual agreement, or at the request of one spouse with the consent of the other, the dissolution of marriage is pursued.

Law 15/2005 of July 8 modified the separation and divorce regime allowing the spouses to opt directly for the dissolution of the bond.

It is no longer necessary to go before judicial separation and the passage of a certain period of time is not required from a de facto separation.

The wishes of the spouses to not want to continue the marriage is enough to demand the divorce as early as three months from its celebration.

In order to proceed with the divorce action by mutual agreement, the concurrence of certain circumstances will be required:

  • The existence of a valid marriage and the passage of three months from its conclusion.
  • The willingness of both spouses to dissolve the marriage. Said consent must be given freely and not in a forced or imposed manner by one of the spouses.
  • The cessation of conjugal life. The effective termination of the conjugal life is compatible with the maintenance or temporary resumption of life in the same home when it is due to one or both spouses : For necessity and/or for the interests of children.
  • The presence of a lawyer and solicitor are necessary, however both spouses can use a single defence and representation when processed by mutual agreement, making the cost of the procedure cheaper.

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